Can a Hot Meal Lead to Hot Sex?

Guest blogger and men`s style expert Brian Joyner of the webpage Be Better Guys and the popular Better Guy X ( blog thinks so, and tells you guys why:

How a Hot Meal Can Lead to Hot Sex

Out in the swim known as the Web, I came across a book, Will Cook For
Sex: a Guy’s Guide to Cooking by Rocky Fino
. Part cookbook, part essay,
and really funny, the man crystallized into to a few words a mantra I’ve
been preaching for years. Women are quite kind and giving to a guy who
can whip up a meal and that knows his way around the kitchen. Honestly,
knowing how to cook a few dishes might get you farther 10 hours a week
at the gym and $200 spent on some hot, new cologne. What makes me think
so? I’ve seen it in action, fellas. Let tell you a little tale. . . .

I was dating this woman who we’ll call Claire – actually we were still
in the courting stages, which means we’d been out a few times, had a
Fourth of July’s worth of sparks, but we hadn’t gotten naked yet. She
called me up somewhat unexpectedly one night; she was depressed after a
phone call with her family and wanted to hear a friendly voice. I told
her I was cooking a chicken and tomato sauce dish and she should come
over and have some. “It’ll make you feel better.” Next thing out of her
mouth was “You can cook?” “Come over and find out” I responded.

Claire came by and I served up the chicken over rice with a glass of red
wine. Really, it couldn’t have been simpler: brown the chicken with
onions, garlic, and celery, add crushed tomatoes, simmer for 30 mins.
She took a mouthful and gave me a wry smile. “Mmmm, comfort food. This
reminds me of home.” (She was Italian from Rome via Central New York) We
ate, talked, and as they say, the rest was history. And yes, there was
nudity involved.

A guy who can cook has himself an immediate advantage. Almost no one will
turn down a home-cooked meal, and he will always get the “A” for effort.
It shows a bit of dexterity, some creativity, and self-reliance. It’s
like always having home-court advantage: you get to dictate the pace of
the evening and set the tone. All of these things are sexy to women. No
one wants a Mama’s Boy who can’t handle his business. But you do want
women to think that you’re sexy. Rocky hit the nail on the head with
that book, I’m telling you. In an intimate setting or for a dinner
party, women see a guy who can cook and the odds in his favor go up

But I hear you whining, “But I’m no gourmet, I didn’t go to culinary
school.” Being a gourmet requires skill, but cooking only requires
reading and some patience. My dad says if you can read you can do
anything. There are literally dozens of cookbooks out there, but you
only need one or two. Once you get a few dishes you like, you’ll see you
they translate into other meals. Check this out for a few recipes with
guys who don’t cook in mind. Expand the repertoire and the worst case
scenario is that you’ll never go hungry again.

[Be Better Guys is hosting a cooking class, Grilling and Meat Rubs, with
Peter Smith of PS 7 Restaurant on Saturday July 12. $75 gets hands-on
instruction with the chef in the kitchen, a 3-course meal, copies of all
of the recipes, and a mixology lesson. Visit BBG for more details.]

Life Interrupts, Adjust Accordingly

(yum-mo, as that hottie Rachael Ray would say. Thanks Brian, on behalf of me, and all the guys who aspire to be PullJoy©, and thus part of Smooth Nation- ST)


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