The Power of Suggestion- And How It Helps You Meet Women

One of the most powerful elements of human nature is the power of suggestion. Though, by definition, suggestion implies a mere hint, its force is sweeping. When we see a young couple dining, we assume they are romantically involved- not co-workers or siblings. A hypnotist can convince a person under post-hypnotic suggestion that a perfectly comfortable room is freezing, or that the subject cannot raise their own left arm. In the U.S., if one spots a gentleman of 6’7″ walking the street, and to a lesser extent a lady 6’2″, we assume they have some facility with a basketball, because their hands reach closer to the hoop than one’s own. For years, eyeglasses on an adult gave the impression of intelligence. You guys can use the power of suggestion to pull attractive women.

If you have the stones to step to a hottie, in most cases she will assume this is something you do with frequency. She will not think you intimidated, or that you’re not in her league, or even focus on your physical appearance- courage makes a statement. I am not saying you should not dress well and work out- I mean she will be impressed that her good looks are no deterrent to your advance. This is no deception once one becomes PullJoy©. If you conversate in a natural, amiable, yet sexy manner, the image is that she is not so special- you just have discriminating taste, and the cojones to act on it.

If a pretty babe notices that your friends, or the local wait or bar staff is very fond of you, that means you’re a great, fun guy. It says generosity, charm, good times. Again, she is merely observing a true fact.

Sporty clothing communicate your individuality and fashion sense, and the circles you travel in (the hippest clubs, the best music, other beautiful women). The ability to discuss a decent variety of topics tells her you’re wordly, and possess eclectic interests. That can also mean you’re a hit with the opposite sex.

We are conditioned to respond to suggestion. Keep this in mind when you run across a woman who is highly attractive to you. You can make yourself equally atractive in her eyes by the signals you throw out.

A big shout out to this week’s PullJoy© guestbloggers, dating expert Jennifer Kelton, and men’s style aficion Brian Joyner. Their contributions made this the week it was.

Live The Dream,

Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles, blogging from a hotel in downtown Quebec City during its Summer Festival (a hottie haven)

20 responses to “The Power of Suggestion- And How It Helps You Meet Women

  1. Great post. Suggestion is a very powerful tool that every guy needs to implement.

  2. Thanks man- coming from you, that means a lot.

    Live The Dream,


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  18. Anyone know any other instant hypnosis tricks explained here


  19. Hi, Thank you fot the very nice nice post. Cheers Lucy.

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