Stop Playing Games, And Start Gaming Like a Playa

Guys- sitting in your crib all day perfecting your skills on Madden, Halo, or Grand Theft Auto, ain’t gonna get you into more panties. To become adept at social interaction and booking babes, you need to interact socially. Sorry, there’s no two ways about it. Men who are popular with pretty women learned to be fun, sexy, and naturally humorous largely by trial and error. They engaged beautiful girls wherever they were, even if sex wasn’t the objective. They processed what makes women (individually) tick. Now they’re part of Smooth Nation. They’re PullJoy©

These skills aren’t gonna fall into your lap, and neither is that hottie at the mall kiosk or stripper bar you’ve been fawning after. This isn’t about dollars, or good looks, it’s about game (the kind you can’t master on an Xbox). To educate yourself regarding facial reactions, tone, body language, and winning over her girlfriends in a group setting, only practice makes perfect. It’s fun. When you trade some of your gaming mags for those that give tips on threads that aren’t dead (Details, GQ, Men’s Health, Esquire), your carpet will be strewn with panties, not packages for video games. I even offer personal consultation at, and teach my D.C. area clients one-one-one. Group seminars are coming later this summer.

Live The Dream,



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