The Babe Whisperer: How Do I Know So Much About Women?

Often I’m asked, “How do you know so much about meeting beautiful women, were you born outgoing and extroverted?” The answer to the latter is no- I was painfully shy in high school, and never had a date or sexed a woman during my brief foray at college. I’m a largely self-taught ladies’ man motivated by interest, fueled by a love of psychology, and blessed with a certain courtliness of manner. With a little help from an older mentor and a library full of helpful literature, I remade myself. The good in this is that you too can change. I know, I’m The Babe Whisperer (but I’ve come a long, long way).

I wish that when I were about 20, there was a place like PullJoy, and a consultant with my present patience and understanding, who could have taken me from geek to chic in weeks. A Babe Whisperer. Someone who understood, on an individual level, what makes women tick, and could make me see with his eyes. I love beauty. I’ve learned about body language, motivation, female physiology, group dynamics, tone, suggestion, and the conditioning power of words through years of research. I’ve talked to pretty women in bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, conferences and bookstores from Maine to Memphis, and met them from Hilton Head, Colombia, Russia, The Netherlands, The Dominican Republic, and Germany. As I’ve often said, I had 160-odd phone numbers when I was 28, but no real game. I was just cute and fearless. I still found myself in the dreaded friend zone too often, and I behaved as if women were prey, and monolithic.

I can change you like I changed myself. I can give you “A” game. They don’t call me “The Babe Whisperer” for nothing. It’s Hump Day- who do you wanna hump?

Those who would like to attend Cool School, and begin their path to Smooth Nation membership, need only contact for tips and pointers. If you live in the D.C. area, I’ll come to you for personal consultation.

Live The Dream,



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