How to Meet Beautiful Women- Take a Dance Class

Want to meet a lot of pretty girls, in a fun, sexy atmosphere? Enroll in a salsa or merengue class at a night club or community center. Depending on where you live, most metropolitan areas have at least one club that plays Latin music, which offers lessons on slower weekday nights, or busy nights before the club fills up. There is no charge. You’ll probably grasp the basics. Almost all clubs where I’ve observed this activity have a salsa or merengue deejay that spins once class is over around 9 p.m.- so you and your new acquaintance can try out what you’ve been taught. You may attend more than one week- for various reasons. If your city is diverse enough that merengue is offered, I consider that more beginner-friendly than salsa- the foundation is merely a shift of weight from left foot to right. The more ambitious among you might take tango- it’s your choice, and each town has different options. But tango’s pretty deep to enroll in just to meet hotties (though if you’re the type that learns new dances with little difficulty- tango can really impress the opposite sex).

Community centers and adult courses mean there’s a fee. Still worth it guys. The bottom line is, if you can’t dance to tropical music, it’s an opportunity to both meet beautiful women, and add a skill many of them find attractive. If you’re already adept or at least know a few steps, you’ll stand out in the class, and still meet babes. They’re more nervous about their moves than you are about approaching new women.

Talk about a win-win!

Step to it, and step to them. For individual consultation, contact me at I also that live in and around D.C. private consultation (approach, conversation, attire, body language- anything that concerns you).



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