Joie De Vivre, And How it Attracts Women

A genuine lust for life can be magnetic. When one is in the company of a fellow who savors the positive and pleasurable things this world has to offer, and takes not a second for granted, it heightens experiences. Babes love this quality. Few things put our careers, our concerns, or our relationships in perspective like a lively outlook. Ever see the type of husband in a sitcom or movie that says to his wife, “Aw, let the boy do it Marge- he won’t break!”- punctuated by a hearty laugh, or to his whole family, “Buckle up Winslow’s- we’re going to see America!”. That guy’s full of life, he’s appreciate of what he has. He is neither timid or retreating.

A vibrant, upbeat male attracts more women than one who focuses his conversation on work and current events. No one is enchanted by the mundane, and we don’t always enjoy being reminded of the headlines, or our paychecks. A character is memorable. When I chat up a few women seated together in a lounge or club, I don’t know right off who’s married or not. I don’t really hit on any one person, though I toss about an impromptu compliment or tasteful tease here or there:

None of you looks like you have to worry about dieting.

Yeah right, like you’re old enough to have a son that age.

I’m stoked on life when I engage- no matter how serious or silly the topic. I’m excited to meet them, hear how they met, and their opinions about women, men, movies, whatever. I treat them like real people, not babes I’m humoring until I can figure out which one wants to sex me. This wards off any tension, quells individual egoes, and brings them “out”. If other things develop, it’s because I’ve gained group approval.

This outlook eliminates approach anxiety, whether a babe’s alone or with a group. I’m just out enjoying myself, even in a place as innocuous as a bookstore or Whole Foods. Life is always a blast, it didn’t start when I noticed her. A sincerely happy guy will always encounter others who wish they were more like that. Who enjoy the vibe, the company, and the confidence. After all, everyone wants a reason to smile.



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