Approaching Beautiful Women: It Needn’t Be a High Wire Act

By defnition, the members of Smooth Nation are daring. To be PullJoy©  is to be confident, not merely in the company of pretty women, but in general. What separates meeting hot babes from other feats of derring-do is, the consequences are not as dire. If a babe shoots you down, you haven’t smashed into an Acapulco cliffside while diving, been gored by a fighting bull, or crashed into a NASCAR wall at 170 mph. Just talk to the next pretty girl. That said, there is a quality that separates a player from the rest. Stones. He’s the daredevil in the nightclub, unintimidated by anything.

How is that characteristic defined? Today’s edition of NPR’s “Studio 360” examines the mind of an extreme high wire artist- the man who illegally walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center thirty years ago:

For more on the braveheart mindset, here’s a documentary on Philippe Petit:

Live The Dream,



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