Study The Master: How to Flirt, The Dean Martin Way

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were quite different in their flirtatious film roles. Dean used more one-liners, having broken into the business as a comic partner of Jerry Lewis. He was also more of a hot flirt, Sinatra played it cool. PullJoy is about finding your own inner mack and working it- no two men are alike. Dig Dino in this duet with late ’60’s hottie Lainie Kazan:

Ol’ Blue Eyes would’ve played it totally different- yet still been sexy. Both Rat Packers- when Dean fed a singer or actress a line it seemed more for the amusement of the audience, whereas The Chairman of the Board limited his babe banter to specific characters. For him, the singing always came first. Truth is, either hot or cool can work, depending on who you are.

More Dean:

Keep it funny, sexy, and original. Smile- it takes the edge off. Hot or cold, tone, touch and teasing get you to Panty Place.


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  9. Nice posting of Study The Master: How to Flirt, The Dean Martin Way.

  10. You made a number of nice points there

  11. Always be confident be untouchable well not literally because that would be the opposite to what you want lol but just be self assured and happy, enjoy life and you will attract many women. Become what the personalities that you want to attract, smart, outgoing, good looking women 🙂

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