Buying a Girl A Drink Entitles You to Nada

Comedienne Shereen Faltas says a cocktail doesn’t equal tail:

I’m with hottie Shereen, which is one of the many reasons I’ve never bought a babe a drink.



4 responses to “Buying a Girl A Drink Entitles You to Nada

  1. I have NEVER made-out and or had sex with a guy just because he sent and or paid for my drinks!

  2. Nor should you. Men shouldn’t be buying drinks or dinner for people they don’t know as a means of introduction- that’s why we have conversation. I never understood what the drink has to do with anything- nor do all women even drink. It would be like hitting on someone by offering them a cig or a joint. Ingenuine and unoriginal.

    Thanks for weighing in Jennifer.


  3. It’s the movies (and TV) that gives the impression that if you buy someone a drink you can get lucky. Grey’s Anatomy, Hitch, Knocked Up, etc. all reinforce the notion.

  4. B-

    Is that what it is? I have heard frat boys imply that “getting someone drunk” could lead to the type of luck you cite (candy is dandy but liquor is quicker)- but that moves my argument against from one of bribery to one of non-consent.

    Booze & sex don’t mix.


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