PullJoy©’s First Reader Giveaway Contest

This website is all about teaching you how there’s no such thing as “getting lucky”. Popping prime panties is all about skill- psychological, social, and grooming. But in a detour from our normal track of tips and pointers, you can get lucky here. We’re adding a new feature- reader giveaway contests. Fortunate followers of Smooth Nation can win prizes such as books on dating, grooming items and mens’ accessories, sporting goods and apparell merely by stating why they are worthy of the item, or to what good use they will put it. This means you.

Our first item up for “bids”? Why, it’s the new book “The Karma Sutra – Sex, Love and Relationship Zen”, by Shelly Wu.


This enlightening and entertaining work by astrology columnist Shelly Wu (www.chineseastrology.com) explores the spiritual dynamics behind finding a suitable mate, as well as the understanding of self which is crucial to the process. How do you win this valuable resource for your bachelor library? Tell me how such a text will aid your club life or love life, and the gift is yours.

The contest will remain open until midnight EST December 19. Let me hear from you guys (in the comments section).



6 responses to “PullJoy©’s First Reader Giveaway Contest

  1. It would add to my love life experience by giving me further insight into how women work, so to speak.

    (Also, I’m the first person to post a comment, so that counts for something, right?)

  2. Yep- you’re the first, Gray. The contest closes soon, so you’ve got a great shot.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Well, no so perfect a shot there ol Gray. 😉 Ok I have been married 24 years and this book sounds useful. LOL…. Wanna draw straws? 😉

  4. Ah- we have a competition on our hands.

    If each of you sends me a tiebreaker reason this informative, humorous book will enhance your amorous life, I’ll vote. The prize deadline was midnight EST Dec. 19- so no new entrants will be considered (a new contest begins today).


  5. Was just reading your articles on your site even though it doesn’t pertain to me. I read just about anything. So maybe I shouldn’t have posted.

    Anywho…. Who couldn’t use to spicen things up a bit? Heard so much about karma Sutra, but never did run out and buy a book about it. Right now I am blushing while thinking about what to post for a reason. Perhaps that is reason enough I need the book. I yearn to be wild!

  6. Thanks Cecilia. I expect most of my readers are married, and that at least half are women (hoping to learn more about men). I’m flattered that you’re here, and my site does pertain to you.

    Any lover can benefit from PullJoy.

    Happy Holidays,

    Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles

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