Holiday Cheer: Get Some Trim Under Your Tree

Guys, other than the weather in most of the United States, this is the best time of the year. Babes have time off, the boyfriendless need to get sexed, and parties abound. Colleges go on break, and almost anything you say to a babe can be framed around the festive nature of the season. Still, PullJoy© principles apply. For those new to Smooth Nation, they are as follows:

Never step to a hottie unless you have an advantage: The establishment of what I call “social capital” is the attraction/seduction equivalent of a three-on-two fast break in basketball or a power play in hockey. One should never just hit on or approach a babe. The best time to engage a strange woman in romantic, playful conversation (and now is the season) is when some degree of standing has been demonstrated. This can stem from the way the bartender speaks to you, the message your threads send, or the way you treat her girlfriends. It can develop as you tell a story about a favorite vacation spot or charity activity. It shouldn’t be based on position or income either.

Establish that you’re a fun guy with a heart, and then let that holiday spirit shine through.



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