PullJoy©’s Second Reader Giveaway Contest

The time has come again to reward a lucky PullJoy© visitor. This contest comes with a twist. The winner will be the reader who tells us something significant they learned about dating or seduction in 2008.

The twist? Funny you should ask. If a guy wins, he’ll receive grooming products by Melaleuca, including Alloy shaving gel and after shave:



Smooth! On the other hand, if one of our lovely lady readers is victorious, we’ll send her a copy of dating expert Jennifer Kelton’s “Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel”:

So you see, it’s a Battle of the Sexes. Send us what you learned (not necessarily from reading this blog, but in general, or from experience) this year, in our comments section. The contest closes on midnight EST on January 10, 2009.

Live The Dream,

Lee “Smoothtalker” Coles


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