Don’t Use “Pickup Lines”- Be Original and Situational

Saw this hottie today while I was wheeling and she was walking. She heads into a CVS, I park the ride in a gas station lot next door. I just have to see who she is, and she saw me digging her from the ride (but couldn’t really see me well). All the while she’s on her cell. I find girlfriend in the store.

She’s in the cosmetics aisle, and I sort of apologize for getting out of my ride (she asked “Are you following me?”), ask her name and introduce myself, but only after walking around the store a bit so she can talk on the phone. When I get to her, she’s off the cell. After the intro, I say, while kind of lifting my palm to refer to the beauty products, “You shouldn’t even be in this section.” More gently, I told her she didn’t need anything there. She smiled and insisted she did. Point is, situational banter is much more meaningful than throwing around pre-conceived pickup lines. They say, “I just thought of this because of you, and I’m creative.” They speak to spontaneity and fun. 

Use the situation at hand, and think on your feet. It’s a great way to sweep her off hers.

Live The Dream,

UPDATE: Yesterday a cute waitress with a great bod served me a bowl of oatmeal, and it was the first time the restaurant had sliced up the banana and arranged it circular fashion around the top of the cereal, rather than put it on a side plate. When I noticed this, I told her, “Pretty, just like you.” She laughed the laugh I often hear when women appreciate the creativity of a compliment.



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