Better Than a Beatdown Blog Quotes PullJoy©

Fellow blogger references your favorite member of Smooth Nation:

Agreed. Have fun when you’re meeting new women, don’t consider it a task, goal, or art, but a part of the daily enjoyment you’re getting out of life. Beautiful women aren’t objects to conquer, they’re individuals to get to know. Part of the problem with some who enter what is called The PUA Community is they set goals and live under pressure- a remnant of their pre-PUA proclivity to place (pretty) women on a pedestal. I, on the other hand, chat up any number of people during the course of my day, and I employ a measure of wit whilst doing so. Lovely girls just happen to be in listening range when I do. There is no failure or success involved, only a lust for life itself (that encompasses fine food, great music, scenic places, and people with warm personalities to go with their stunning looks).



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