PullJoy Product Review: Kiss or Miss

Product review Kiss or Miss:

I wish I had read this seduction ebook years ago, as my seduction skillset would have been smoother than it is now. If you can see the big picture and have great tools it can save you a lot of time, something much better than going through the normal trial and error approach.

Kiss or Miss came late for me, I already had many skills in seduction. However, it offered me knowledge that very few men in the seduction community know about.

Here is what I found interesting:  

Kiss or Miss, offers a new type of non-verbal game that I have never seen before. Reading about this I could not help asking myself: “How come  the seduction community had not found  such an important seduction technique up to now?”. This is what takes an ordinary community guy that behaves like a social robot and trasform him to a natural seducer. Furhtermore, this type of game is what you can safely call a stealthy type of game.

Here’s the way you do this:

You control your emotional state and you influence a woman much easier than by using words. The type of attitude and emotional style you hold can trigger (or not) attraction to a girl. An enthusiastic guy can trigger attraction even if he is talking about something as boring as what he had for dinner. 

The authors go further and present five attractive non verbal attitudes that all good  seducers showt. These are: Masculine, cunning-playful, sexual, enthusiastic and deeply interested. By combining those states and switching them at will, women become attracted to men, in the same way that men get attracted to women when they exhibit  a mix of sexual and childish state (That’s what Marylin Monroe trained to do, and she based her success on that special mix of sexual + childish state). I’ve often referred to it here at PullJoy as playful and mysterious. This is not to be confused with alpha male body language or frame games, which are a completely different ball game.

Kiss or Miss provides a clever way of instantly remembering all the techniques while you are in the field. I tested the methods, and I was surprised with the fact that the authors propose a method that can help you know what to say, with the use of a simple glance. The name of this: visual mnemonics.

– The most important, new aspect of this book has to do with inner game. This seduction ebook provides an inner game analysis that is brand new and very necessary to the community. This is not  material designed to make you feel good at your current level, it really is made to help you become excellent and break through all your inner blocks. It adresses seduction as a learning journey. Forget any NLP  and hypnosis hocus pocus you know. Kiss or Miss covers some very grounded, basic ideas such as what is focus, distraction control, commitment, visualization and an important analysis of what it takes to become good at seduction. This goes all the way to a full peak performance state of mind that any player MUST have, if he wants to become good in this field. This analysis then continues on with other inner game subjects such as inner dialog, approach and sexual anxieties therapies, ego issues, self fulfilling prophecies, back rationalization, beliefs, external vs internal validation and other relevant inner game topics. I find these densely written chapters extremely important as they cover the ‘learning journey’ one has to go through to become an expert, a subject that is rarely covered in seduction ebooks.

– The authors also cover things such as the role of testosterone, food, sports, and ejaculation frequency (!) in your sexual drive.

The book is very long, and it  could easily be broken into two or three books. It really gives the reader a detailed overview of current seduction knowledge, mindset and techniques, and adds inner game tools that are new to the seduction community.

At certain points in the book, you can tell that the authors are European and not native English speakers, something that brings a fresh approach to seduction, which until now was mainly dominated by North Americans.

A brief synthesis of the content and book structure:

The book is way too detailed for those that just seek ‘get laid’ tips, but it is perfect for those who want to become pick up artists. It contains a lot of information that you will like, especially if you are a self taught seducer (in contrast to having attended a Bootcamp or being taught by a coach).

It consists of three main parts:

The first part covers the scientific principles of attraction. At first I thought that the scientists mentioned in the book did not exist, so I was very surprised when I did my own research and found them to be true. That part continues with an guide to attraction chapter that is a direct continuation of the previous one.

The second part is all about tactics and techniques. You are first taught how to become socially calibrated, a step which is not often covered in seduction books, with all sorts of details from storytelling all the way to grooming. Then you get a very technical part covering seduction methods for indirect game, direct game, night game and day game. The presentation is complete, you can find attraction methods, comfort methods, phone game and seduction methods.

The third part covers the inner game as it was presented earlier.

The overall transition is smooth, and whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player you will definitely find the ideas new and interesting. The style of the book is analytic, with lots of graphs and diagrams- a style that reminds more of a college book than an ebook.

I give Kiss or Miss five stars, and if you want to sleep with stars, you’ll read this ebook from the guys at Fast Flirting



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