Natural PUA Game, For Lack of a Better Term

Game recognize game, the saying goes. Of course, if your name is Tiger Woods, despite the fact babes know you’re married, you don’t have to say much to score a hole in one. For us mere mortals, our handicap is determined by perceived social standing, charm, and wardrobe- though not necessarily in that order. If I was paid like El Tigre, I wouldn’t have to run game on the caliber of night club hostesses and restaurant eye candy that he bags on the regular. But I had to develop my inborn charisma to compensate for the lack of chips. I’ve succeeded.

The same gifts that serve you well in a job interview, or breaking the proverbial ice with anyone, can get you laid. All most of you need to fine tune those skills is some basic understanding of welcome, and a lot of calm. Don’t think of pretty girls as objects to be conquered- they are individuals to get to know if you think being surrounded by them is fun. You’re just out shopping, or having a good time with or without the fellas. She just happens to be there. No putting anyone on pedestals, no string, not too much rap about work or school. Get into her head (and eventually, panties) by asking deep, meaningful questions that demonstrate you view her as an individual. Ask what she’d do with her life if she didn’t have to work, and where she’d live if money was no object. Discuss movie or literary tastes. Proceed to the variety of touch testing described elsewhere on this site, gauge her relaxation level, laughter, and agreement, or lack thereof, with your statements. Soon you’ve got to bounce or re-join your boys, but out of nowhere, as if you suddenly discovered she’s cool enough to hang out with, tell her (don’t ask) to type her digits into your phone- or do so yourself.

It’s not rocket science, but it is. Use your innate wit and gall to show her she’s nothing special to you (the “I do this all the time attitude” that prevents nervousness), and she’ll feel she’s the one on the job interview. It’s easier to pull this off in places you frequent, because your rapport with the bar staff or clientele screams “social status”, but what’s important is that you not worship beautiful women. Women don’t dislike sex- how do you think all of us got here, and how do you think the mom’s at your job had their babies? Talk to them frankly about guys, about Tiger’s predicament, about dreams and great vacations, and you’ll learn a lot.

Soon it will be the most natural thing in the world. Like having a billion bucks.



3 responses to “Natural PUA Game, For Lack of a Better Term

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  2. Another dig at Tiger, huh?

    Interesting points, though it seems anyone who takes this advice closely too heart will be stuck in their head all night, wondering what to do next…

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