The Essence of Natural Game

As most of you realize by now, ‘natural game’ is a contradiction in terms. What I personally mean by the phrase is to move towards a mindset where one’s joie de vie, and social standing render gimmicks such as pickup lines, silly hats, and “negs” unnecessary. Women are admittedly won over by confidence, not memorized routines and deception. In a recent post concerning natural game, a commenter remarked that it would be hard for an aspiring PUA to keep all this straight in their head while actually in the presence of a beautiful woman. On the contrary.

What is difficult, is remembering complex step-by-step seduction based on a lot of acronyms and putdowns. I don’t teach rotuines, I instill swagger. I stress charm. I give examples of celebrities and movie characters from whose body language we can learn a great deal. Charisma > talk. I emphasize the importance of listening to the babe, and asking profound questions. The former makes her feel as if she is the only soul in the room (a quality everyone who met either John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton said they have- a conversational focus), the latter respects her opinion.

Look at it this way Smooth Nation. Cats who were not all that great looking, such as Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, and those fringe Mormon cult leaders who are polygamists, have all convinced young women (and in the cases of Manson and Jones, educated women) to drop everything and follow them. These men, though none was playing with a full deck, were sexing the women among their respective flocks. I am neither advocating you become a murderer or a religious charlatan. My point, of course, is that these historic figures weren’t exactly matinee idols or pro sports stars- there was something else that made them attractive to the opposite sex.

Confidence. Self-assuredness trumps looks and bank. The reason women ditched college and work to take up with these demented leaders is that they were leaders. To paraphrase Malcolm X in his well-read Autobiography, women prefer a man who takes the reigns. Not suggesting you become a pimp, but the secret to the pimp game ain’t choirboy looks.

Become that guy in your local bars, restaurants and clubs. Strangers will take note of how the staff react to you, and how quick you are with a witticism. How relaxed. Relaxation = escape from stressful job, school, or boyfriend. Beautiful women will want to know what’s underneath that makes you so different (above it all, yet genial about it). The rest is simply a matter of asking where you and her can speak more privately.



3 responses to “The Essence of Natural Game

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  2. Nice,

    For most guy it’s hard to be “natural”, because they are naturally bad with women.

    That’s why they go through the concept of fake it till make it.

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