How to Pick Up Girls: The Manchurian Candidate, The Novel

Here’s a scene from Richard Condon’s dark comedy The Manchurian Candidate that didn’t make it into the 1962 film, but tells you everything you need to know about the charm and spontaneity it takes to pull beautiful women:

I synposize:

Marco explained …that women were much more like men,  in many almost invisible ways, than men were. Particularly in the noninvolvement area where they were many, many times more like men because their natural instinct to capture and hold couldbe suspended. Marco said there was not a healthy woman alive who would not agree rush into bed if that only displaces only the present and did not connect with the past nor had any possibility of any shape in the future…

I approach them smiling,…I tell them I am passing through New York…and that by merely looking at them I find them enormously attractive sexually…”I explain I am using a friend’s apartment. I write down the address,…

“They are with it, Raymond. Belive me, they are even way ahead of me…

Sound increudlous? That’s because you haven’t tried it, and you misunderstand the differences between how men and women have been socialized, vis-a-vis the consequences once that socialization has been minimized. Look at what Marco explains to his roomie in the beginning. Now imagine the customary reservations a beautiful woman might have about meeting you later- the ones you would have had in your mind before reading this. Well, like  a great salesman, Marco has eliminated some of the main objectives. Social reputation. Stranger risk. Will he call again? They’re off the table.

It works fellas, particularly when the subject is broached in a natural, non-judgemental manner. I know a guy of average looks, snappy dresser, who used to get plenty panties this way (he’s never read The Manchurian Candidate, a novel almost impossible to find) when he walked in airports with an empty suitcase. If the babe is interested, what does she care, since no one beyond the two of you will ever know? She’s gonna be old, then dead one day, and life is comprised of moments.

Try this approach, and let me know what jumped off by commenting here. I offer individual attraction and date coaching to Washington area residents- hit me at I am adding New York clientele after February, as I’ll be there at least once a month.

Live The Dream,

Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles (see Facebook “Lee Coles”)


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