Eros on Chemistry vis-a-vis Seduction

We value the opinions and observations of  fellow pickup artists and dating coaches here at PullJoy©. Here, our colleague Eros schools us on sexual chemistry as a tool of seduction:

Seducing Women – How to Build Sexual Chemistry

Today I would like to talk about building sexual chemistry and how
desperation can kill excitement and pent up sexual tension. A common
mistake that many guys make which coincidentally repels women from the
desired effect they want to have is that guys are all too eager to
escalate to sex before any kind of anticipation is created. As guys we
tend to have one-track minds when it comes to females and all that leads
up to sex is just the obligatory hoopla of dating and listening to her
life stories. Well, I have some shocking news for you. Great sex starts
way before you get her into bed. You see women thrive on a combination of
two things, 1) anticipation and 2) (sexual) tension. During the initial
phases of getting to know her better and enjoying time spent together on
those first few dates hopefully if you’ve done your job well you’ll have
given her a lot to think about.

The reason for guys being so eager to get women into the bedroom so fast
and skipping or trying to skip the necessary steps to making a woman feel
a powerful connection to you, is that guys have a limiting belief that sex
is “getting lucky”. To think that bromide is true is allowing women to
hold a monopoly over you. Women like a man to take control rather than
throw a guy a bone here and there to cater to her whims. If you don’t
spend time exploring a woman’s mind and learn how to seduce her by teasing
her into making the moves on you then you’ll be missing out on the
potential level of devotion sexually and spiritually she has for you.

The solution to this problem is simple. Relax, take your time and allow
sexual chemistry to build by showing sexual interest toward her gradually
through your body language, intentional and deliberate glances, sensual
and affectionate touching and allowing her to become comfortable with you
in close proximity to her. You can anchor positive emotions in her by
using touch to emphasize words you want her to hear and anchor feelings of
a powerful connection with you by touching, holding and kissing her at
times that her excitement is heightened which will build a strong and
lasting chemistry.

A master of seduction knows” how
to approach a girl. He knows that seducing women is a seduction of her
mind. Stimulating and provoking emotions in her head so when you aren’t
together she should be thinking about you and as these feelings manifest
her attraction toward you will become more powerful and long-lasting as
she will feel a superior attraction to you which she is likely to of never
felt before for any other guy.

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