How To Attract Women: Guest Blogger Eros of “Secrets In Seduction”

We welcome as a guest blogger, my buddy Eros from over at Secrets In Seduction. He was kind enough to agree to do a series heer. Here are his words of wisdom for Smooth Nation:

Attracting Women – Self Belief & Setting Goals

You see, if you are creating targets with women and reaching them, that is
undoubtedly going to help anyone’s confidence. But, if you’ve made some
goals you considered to be extremely important and were not able to
achieve them this can have a reverse effect and the negative outcome will
be a lack of self-belief, believing you will never get anywhere with women
which in turn becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t reach the goals,
so you begin to believe that you will never be able to achieve them, then
you never do.

Does this happen for everyone? Absolutely not.

Many people will bounce back, become more determined and put more effort
into their goals until they have completed their objectives. However, a
large amount of guys want all of their success immediately and aren’t
willing to work for it.

Instead of working on their inner game, which is the key element to
seducing women, they will instead go out there and try to “fake it until
they make it”. This is a mistake, friends., while you may get some success
this way, it will not be the type of success you want.

Almost anybody can go out and get laid, but which type of guy will
influence which type of girl. As seduction artists we should hold our
standards as high as we hold our own self-esteem. Pursuing girls who are
easily influenced by guys of lesser quality who lack any goals of their
own, only serves to damage our self esteem and integrity. Whether the girl
you are in pursuit of is for one night or a whole relationship you should
never take the scraps.

If we were to only pursue easily attainable women without using any of our
seduction skills and having underlying insecurities that we attempt to
ignore about ourselves (our inner game), you could for instance, go out in
the field, get 100 numbers in a week and you will still have the very same
insecurities you started with. Out of those 100, not all of them are going
to be girls you are interested in and a lot of them will also have given a
fake number, flake out on dates, not return your calls, and the list goes

This will, ultimately, not leave you with many options, making your
exercise useful in part by teaching you how to number close with little
effort, but ultimately not getting you anywhere with your insecurities or
attracting and seducing women. This can lead to more frustration and a
defeatist attitude so it’s best to make your goals realistic and

The way to set realistic goals is say for instance you are bad at getting
numbers, instead of making it your goal to get a huge amount of numbers,
make it your goal to find the root of the problem. If you are bad at
number closing and you know it’s because you have some insecurities, by
all means still go out, talk to girls and number close if you have the
opportunity, but in this instance it would probably be a bad move to aim
for a significantly high amount of numbers. Instead set smaller goals and
use them as stepping stones to overcome your insecurities before you take
big leaps when developing great technique with
how to approach a girl

Do not take the easy way out, deal with your issues and you will be
rewarded with fine women.
I’ll talk to you soon



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