How To Tell If a Woman Likes You: As Signs of Attraction, The Eyes Don’t Lie

Many of my clients use my individual consulting services because there is a particular woman or girl whom they encounter regularly, but are uncertain about approaching. Some are shy or otherwise inhibited, some off their game after a long relationship, still others are just seeking tips to improve their chances. I’m a big believer in spending your attraction and seduction energy where it’s most likely to be requited, AKA talking to women who like you. Picking up unfriendly, preoccupied, or uninterested women can foster a lack of confidence in unsure men. If a woman doesn’t want to be bothered  at the time, you don’t seem her type, or is a jerk, some guys make more of these unclear specifics than they should, and it hinders future approaches and overall self-regard. Keep the odds on your favor by approaching women who are attracted to you. That advice always raised the question, “But Lee, how to I know who likes me, women are so subtle and coy?”

When a woman, or anyone is attracted to someone or something, their pupils dilate. Enlarged pupils are an involuntary response, no amount of conversational subterfuge or social reservation can mask such signals. The following article from expounds on this and other principals of eye contact:

Try to read books on body language and nonverbal cues,

and watch televison shows such as Lie To Me, White Collar, and The Mentalist. You don’t have to memorize everything about microexpressions, just know that expanded pupils signal interest. Here at PullJoy©, we view pickup as both science, and individual case study, not some canned, scripted patterns or dialogue to trot out indiscriminately with attractive every woman one meets.

So remember, Smooth Nation, focus your effort, whether in the malls, outside your classrooms, or in the clubs, on babes most likely to respond. Their attractedness to you will relax you, and open you to additional cues such as their laughter, welcoming body language, and prolonged proximity. When you’re playing with the house’s money, you can’t lose.



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