Stealth Body Attraction by Richard La Ruina

Guest blogger Richard La Ruina of Pickup Artist Forum weighs in on Stealth Body Attraction:

Subject:  Stealth Attraction by Richard La Ruina

Like a lot of PUA Trainers, before I learnt this stuff, I sucked with women.  I won’t go into all the gory details, but suffice to say I got my first kiss at 21.  I started studying Pick Up back in 2005 when The Game was first published.  Like most guys I went on to practice indirect game, learn routines (like The Cube), and use canned openers. I even bought a cowboy hat and some necklaces and tried out some peacocking.  Looking back I see this as a kind of “phase one”.  I had to do it, but it wasn’t the end goal.  I couldn’t imagine meeting my wife because I was wearing an LED belt or falling in love with a girl that fell for the kissing school close (“if you were in kissing school, what grade would you get?”).  I started to drop this stuff, and a funny thing happened, my game didn’t get worse, and neither did the results.  I had moved in to phase two.

Phase two was my process of applying all that I had learned of social interactions from the thousands of approaches I had done and becoming a “regular guy”.  I became a regular cool dude.  I made a conscious attempt to apply my new skils to create the social circle I never had, to make female friends, and to have cool guy friends.  I learned how to dress for the social cirlces.  I learnt how to interact with female friends without being weird or creepy.  I learned how to interact with high status guys.  It took a year or so, but over time, I started to move up in those social cirlces to the point where I had 30+ female friends, tons of connections, and cool male friends that were great to party with.  From this more powerful postiion, my game went to a new level.

Phase three is Stealth Attraction & Lifestyle Engineering.  The ultimate pick up artist should want the hottest girls in the city.  The problem is that these girls are hidden away in elite private parties, fashion shows, and after-parties in $30m mansions.  This is where lifestyle engineering comes in.  Lifestyle Engineering starts with the recognition that you can and should be in better places with hotter women, and cooler friends.  It broadens your perspective so that you start networking and applying the social intelligence you’ve learnt from pick up to network your way to the top.  

This is where Stealth Attraction can be applied to devastating effect.  To counter celebrities, billionnaires, club owners, and everyone else with an unfair advantage.  Check out this video for 1/3 of the Stealth Attraction Model:  


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