Interview With a Burlesque Star: Eris Eveiller

I speak with lovely performer Eris Eveiller of the U.K.: (her homepage is here )


Hi, this is Lee Coles, Attraction & Seduction blogger, and dating coach of PullJoy©. Today I’m speaking with leading entertainer Eris Eveiller regarding burlesque performance. 

Hi Lee.

Hello Love:

 How did you come to burlesque?

     I  was drawn in through the vintage scene in the UK where there’s such a strong connection between the two with many vintage clothing stores working with Burlesque nights and performers. It wasn’t long until I attended a burlesque night. Luckily, the night I attended had some of the UK’s top performers so it was a fantastic introduction to the scene. I then began to look more into Burlesque and it wasn’t long until I wanted to start performing.


 Were you an entertainer or had you studied dance prior to that? 


    I always wanted to be in a band on stage but was held back by a complete lack of musical talent or ability so I adore the chance I have to perform on stage now.

    I had a very small amount of dance training previously. But when I was researching other performers I found myself drawn to the comedy and character routines  more then the very graceful dance style. I’m always impressed when I see the very slow seductive routines done well but it’s the comical surprising routines I fell in love with. Give me a cannibal octopus before another identikit fan dance any day.


Who were your early influences? 


Dita Von Teese (not surprisingly) was one of the first performers I studied but Anna Fur Laxis was the one who made me want to perform. I have to mention Cath D’Lish as well. Her style and costumes have had a huge influence on me and watching her perform in London last year left me brimming with ideas. Other early influences include a whole range of people, artists and bands, from Iron Maiden  to Alexander McQueen.


How did you develop a wardrobe or costume style, and how does it continue to evolve? 


 My different routines vary from the Angelic to a crazed scientist so I think you can safely say my wardrobe is eclectic.


    It’s always evolving. When I started out I created  and adapted  my own costumes and now I’m lucky enough to have them made for me. The costume does depend on the idea behind the routine. I’m currently creating a 60’s si-fi Jetsons inspired routine, so for this one I’ve a giant mood bored covered with Barbrealla images, bubbles, Cartoons and go-go girls. 

    My simplest costume (and one of my first) consisted of nothing more then a pair of pasties and some knickers. It really did give me motivation for playing peek-a-boo with my feather fans. I’m now discovering that my newer costumes do tend to be a lot more extravagant and lavish.

But there are some must haves. Corsets are such a staple of the scene I nearly always feel a costume is incomplete without one – it just helps create that fabulous hourglass shaped figure. And I have pasties (nipple covers) to fit in with the theme of the act.



What range of men attend the shows you are involved in (fans? designers? performers?)? 


    There is such a wide range of people attending I hate to try to classify them. There are always some men disappointed as they attend shows expecting something more along the lines of a strip joint but often they end up loving the scene and becoming regulars.

I’d definitely say there were more woman then men at the show and quite a lot of men attending with their partners who wouldn’t attend by themselves.

Then you have the fans, the other performers, promoters and the men who just enjoy the retro feel and look of the nights. I’ve also been able to meet rock stars, fashion designers and film directors and even the odd poet all floating around the scene.


Do some men, online or in person, assume things about you because of the craft? 

Oh yes. You do get a lot of e-mails and requests coming through online. I do tend to remove or block those who send or post crude messages, although I almost look forward to the ones that sound as though they are from a bad porn film as they come across as unintended comedy. There was a contest backstage at one point over who has had the worst ever e-mail. I can’t remember who won, but there was a lot of competition.   

 In person, you can quickly tell those who equate Burlesque with something else completely, and who fall into the trap of thinking since they’ve seen it, they can touch it, or that you must have an IQ equivalent to a bar stool. At the same time, most men in person do tend to be extremely gallant and respectful, the more judgemental people tend to be woman, but they are very good at coaching it in terms of degradation and feminism – and boy do they hate it when you disagree. 

Is what you do seductive? 

 I hope it’s more cheeky then seductive. My aim is to leave people with a smile on their face rather then have them excited. If they happen to find it seductive then I would say that’s a bonus. (Although in the case of my mad scientist routine I’d probably be a little worried about unspoken fetishes….)

Thank you Eris:

My pleasure x

Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles, AKA The Babe Whisperer



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