PullJoy© Products & Reviews: The Natural Art of Seduction

Last night I read Richard La Ruina’s paperback The Natural Art of Seduction. As the PullJoy© ethos revolves around teaching both the secrets of attraction and seduction to men, and how the behavior should begin to come naturally and instinctively over time, as exposed to canned openers and routines, I enjoyed learning about La Ruina’s personal journey, and pickup philosophy. This is a book that won’t overwhelm a newbie or shy guy, because the reasons behind the methodology are well explained vis-a-vis how women think differently than we. The author also lends significant detail to his own evolution, his methodology departure from a certain school of PUA’s (whom he observed both in boot camps and nightclubs, or what the community calls “the field”), and a succession of months during his growth period called “Evolution of a Natural”. Dude actually tells you what women said word-for-word, a few times in transcript form.

The Natural Art of Seduction was written by a former day trader from the UK. Painfully shy until 21 or so, he absorbed the existing material about meeting beautiful women, threw out the bits he found objectionable or unproven, and worked toward forming his own school of thought. That is actually what each man should do. None of us shares the same upbringing, high school experience (or lack thereof), looks/physical potential, hidden gifts, or pyschological aptitude to understand each woman as an individual. While La Ruina’s recounted experiences are helpfully specific and vivid, his counsel is general. Unlike much of the material in the trade, this expert takes you inside the minds of women. He revisits his past mistakes and tells you how he would have behaved differently now.

For La Ruina, pickup is about personal transformation (inner, and to some degree aesthetic) and listening and responding to each individual babe. It’s that balance that makes this a valuable addition to the literature.

There are chapters or sections on social circles, looks, indicators of interest, day game vs. night game, number closing, openers, and wings, among others. He also shares the secrets of same night sex, and reaching the desired state of mind. This is far and away the most empathetic (relates to what you guys are going through, and why many of us had/have approach anxiety, relates to what it takes for a woman to want to hook up w/ a stranger) work to come along in the canon of pickup artists literature. If you dream of making your life more fulfilling by meeting beautiful women, you need to grab a copy of The Natural Art of Seduction. I’ll be reviewing his DVD set soon guys.

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