Big League Sarging: Day Game

Some in “the community” frown on day game, but in moderation, I believe in approaching whenever and wherever I detect indicators of interest. I only really engage women who seem friendly and interested from the outset, which means I’ve stacked the odds in my favor (as best I can tell). Life is too short to wait until I’m in a nightclub or evening setting to chat up pretty girls. Summer, with its sundresses and bare shoulders, provokes a day game hunger in me that goes way back (before many cats had committed this stuff to “science”). I just pick my spots. Today, and yesterday, I was in state, feeling no reservation, and both days saw women of the sort one doesn’t come across every day.

Ain’t my fault I met them when the sun was shining. Just a minute ago, I was in a CVS and a fine customer left. I worked my way to the parking lot of a nearby store when I determined that’s where she was headed. As she set her purchases down and adjusted in her seat, I had what appeared to be a split second, or never, before she was ready to close the driver side door. She couldn’t see met (because of what she was doing). Hella fine. Blonde- maybe mid-20’s if that. Shorts and flips flops, spaghetti strap red top to match. I was pressed for time:

“Excuse me,”


“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

She, politely: “Ev-er?”

Something about the sincerity in her voice when she asked “ever?”, told me she knew I meant it. Those two syllables set the tone for the remainder of the interaction!

I nodded, then introduced myself. Gave her my biz card. Her name was/is Kelsey. God is she hot. When I was under 23, I’ve had never had the courage to say jack to girlfriend, and in high school, I was about as comfortable around girls I found that sexy, as I was around bullies.

“Other than in movies and (I was so in a zone I can’t remember the second term I used here, it may have been “t.v.”, but I was in the moment and not expecting any defensiveness) —-, and most of them can’t hold a candle to you, I’ve never (I may not have completed that sentence, my aim was more effect/tone than content- I was actually being sincere- try it some time). For the sake of this post, and knowing me, let’s assume  said “…anyone like you”.

She thanked me and I noticed the smile, the ‘tude, the absence of hurry or awkardness. This while her shorts were hiked up as when one newly sits.

“Where are you from- where’d you go to school?” (now I’m just asking anything to keep her there, since she’s in wheels).

“I went to JMU”.

“Harrisonburg”, I said. Then I asked her, “Movies?” I don’t really take babes I just met to the movies, but girlfriend could have excused herself any moment, and we weren’t sitting somewhere where I could speed bond with cold reads, test touching (what some call kino), or really establish social value. All I had working for me was my state of mind, my cockiness, and my charisma (a gift I didn’t realize I owned in h.s. and college).

Kelsey said, “I’m seeing someone.” Apologetically, not dismissively. I told her she was sweet about her reaction to my compliment. FYI- had I met her inside CVS, I would not have approached her by referring to her looks- I’d have made a shopping comment in jest, or noted some accessory she was wearing (e.g. “You seem stylish, can you suggest a place to take photos that has a nice….?”, or “nice ring, is that Mexican?”). Speed was of the essence. Rather than play off her b’friend and pursue further, the wheels instinctively told me to wrap. So after she hipped me she was seeing someone:

” ‘Cause there’s a film festival in town, a lot of things going on,” I visibly fingered my press pass to a local film fest, which was dangling around my neck.

Kelsey said, “Well if I’m ever not (seeing anyone), I’d like to”. It was then I realized even moreso that my state was dictating the circumstances, and she really didn’t know what she was doing (she was absorbed in my world for a bit in a way that rarely occurs in broad daylight- especially after so little bonding- no shared interests mentioned, no common friends or geography, no astute observation about taste, mindset, or hobby). That’s when I said to myself  “what the hay?”.

I asked, as if it was the most normal thing in the world after two minutes acquaintance, “Can I kiss your cheek?” I knew the answer.

“Can you kiss my cheek.” she repeated, her expression not changing, voice just re-affirming.

“Yeah- just for the experience,” I improvised. Again, with this level of instant rapport, which says as much about the girl’s open-mindedness and zest for life, as it does my game, we would have been passionately kissing and caressing had we met in a place where I could have built on the connection. I know that because I leaned into her ride, and she didn’t flinch, and planted a very soft one on her lovely tan countenance. We’re talking major college football cheerleader hot babe- she looks good enough to be a contestant on a “The Bachelor”. With that I was pretty much out, as the nicer the woman, the nicer I am. She has my digits. She had the experience.

And so did I (because I took the chance).

Live The Dream,

ST (yesterday’s story coming soon)


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