Day Game Into Night: Secrets of Attraction & Seduction

As you might expect given the state I was in yesterday (number and kiss closes breed more confidence)- the madness didn’t cease when the sun set. Walking home with a few groceries after 10 p.m., I came upon an apartment near mine where I sort of recognized a girl coming out of the lobby, which is actually below street level- driveway style. We sometimes, but not often, ride the same way/time downtown in the morning. I lit up:

“Hey,” I greeted her, like a long lost friend or g.f.- though we’ve never gone past smiling hellos on our commute.

“Hi-i-i!” she reciprocated with a big smile of recognition and happy body language, echoing my state.

“Long time no bus?

“I know, how are you?” she asked.

I told her I live close by, confirmed that she did (“I’m picking up my dog here, I’m on Legation (Street).” Got her name, (Sofia) gave mine.

“We have to hang out now beyond passing like ships on the bus- what’s your number?” I tossed out a few fun things to do, even this weekend. I really, of course, just want to sex this Mediterrenean looking hottie ’cause her location is convenient, she’s clearly attracted, and, well, aren’t those reasons enough? Shook the hand but leaned in to kiss a cheek, which caught her off guard.

She was down with everything I said- when I thought about it later, I think the groceries kept me from asking what she was doing later that night- ’cause as close as she lives, once she parked Rover I could have done her. At least some heavy petting. You know what though guys, a babe three blocks away, even though I firmly believe in ASAP panties, sort of merits a pass.

The larger point is my encounters that day are fueled and informed one another- when I don’t break state- few cats can mess with me.

Live The Dream,

Lee Coles


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