Same Day Game Number Close In “State”

I was so stoked about Kelsey’s positive attitude, and “maybe if I’m not seeing anyone…”, I forgot to tell you guys this. Before I met her, I saw this smokin’ twentyish girl getting on an elevator, and diverted my path to follow suit (it hadn’t arrived, and this was a street level elevator). MAN, she was fine!! She was just wrapping a cell call or message check. Mine was in my hand (because sometimes after a fine babe closes her call, I ask, “Can you put my number in there?”- and have mine cocked for theirs. A little mindless banter about whether she was enrolled in summer school, and we exchanged names. Hers is Janay, and when I told her mine, she ensured she heard it properly (repeated it back to me in the form of a question- a good sign for a person wrapped up in post study commute).

Before I could let any anxiety creep in regarding the smooth nature of her chocolate skin, her dumpling butt in black spandex, and her state of mind, I re-focused into state:

“Call me next week after class, those should be good nights for me,” handing he my biz card- no conversational bonding, little time, all attitude and presumption of success. She took the card as if we’d been sitting side-by-side chatting about life in a bar for 35 minutes.

“What’s yours?” She recited her digits, I typed ’em in.

Case closed.

Shape out of this world, babe I would have been terrified to approach when I was about her age, for fear of negative result or lack of conversational comfort. Probably has as much of a relationship as any good looking woman in this city (didn’t mention any, wasn’t the time or plade).

Fellas, don’t let life pass you buy. 85% of this is predicated on the ‘tude they sense from you. Don’t let looks intimidate you- the hotter they are, generally the more impressed they’ll be that you had the stones to step to them. But say everything with conviction.

Personality isn’t a characteristic one turns on like a light switch when a pretty babe is near, it’s 24-7.

Live The Dream, “Smooth Nation”- and remember, my personal consultation can take you from geek to chic in a week.



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