Spontaneity In Day Game

As much as I am a dating and relationship coach, I believe some aspects of my success in what PUA’s call “day game” are innate. Take yesterday. I spotted a blue jean-clad young hottie on Capitol Hill, she was all into her PED or something similar, but looked up when she and I walked to the same traffic curb. It was unseasonably warm, so much so, I’d doffed my jacket. I used that as an entry, and said:

“When this weather makes up its mind, you and I can go to dinner, and we’ll know what to wear.”

I prefer openers like that, to asking women to movies or dinner (both horrible first “dates”, I merely used that as an icebreaker). She laughed. Not three hours later, I eyed another looker, somewhat older and taller than the first, inside Union Station. Black slacks, gorgeous behind (think J-Lo in Selena, only 5’8″). For a few minutes, she appeared to have been stopped by, and chatting with, a guy she knew in the mall. I stood a safe distance away- they weren’t dating (he was in work uniform, looked like a regular there). When girlfriend moved on, it was for a buffet lunch nearby.

“You are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen,” I said, pretending to be serving myself a plate as she was.

“Thank you, it’s good to hear that after three hours in a dentist’s chair,” she laughed. “It’s nice to know I still look okay after that,”.

I expressed empathy for her surgical experience, went through the motions of dolloping food on my styrofoam box thingy, and asked:

“Are you Eastern European?”



“Ukranian.” I let her finish choosing her food. After a bit, and out of sight, I pulled my business card from my jacket, and approached again. I handed it to this divine creature.

“When you’ve recovered from your dental surgery, and can eat real food again, we can have dinner,” I joked.

“Oh, that’s interesting,” she smiled, accepting the card.

Be humorous and spontaneous, whether it’s day or night. Use the circumstances at hand, rather than  canned pick up lines. It’s more genuine. Beautiful women don’t bite, and often times, if your comment is clever and considerate, may make their day.

Live The Dream,

Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles


3 responses to “Spontaneity In Day Game

  1. I think it is so important to do what you said “use the circumstances at hand, rather than canned pick up lines”

    This has many upsides but the bigest 2 are
    1. you will always have something to say and not have to worry about forgetting your lines
    2. like you said it is real.

    Great post

  2. I think your ability to come up with slick little lines off the cuff is the difference between the player and the beta male

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