Text To Sex: Why Date When You Can Go Directly to Sex?

Why waste all that time and money dating, if sex with beautiful women is your ultimate goal. Hear what PUA J.T. Tran has to say on the matter:

Title: Why Go On a Date When You Can Go Straight to Sex??
Title: Never Pay For A Date Ever Again!
Title: Everything You Know About Phone Game is WRONG!

Hey guys,

I’ve got an amazing announcement for you!

In order to get you the most cutting-edge information out there, we’re teaming up with the ABCs Of Attraction for the release of their newest program; Text to Sex!

This revolutionary new program DEFINES phone and text game. Not only does it clearly explain what to say, how to say, and when to say it (in almost EVERY phone and text situation), but it also gives transcriptions of how these techniques are used and Copy and Paste examples to absolutely eliminate the possibility of failure!

What you’ll learn:

*How to text

*How to talk on the phone

*How to set up and make a date

*How to skip the first date by turning her on so much she wants to hop in bed, IMMEDIATELY!

*Much, much more!

Here’s what some of the initial testers of the program had to say:

“Gareth’s class on texting and phone skills proved invaluable. My experience in texting was limited, so this was one of the most valuable sessions of boot camp for me. I highly recommend it!” – Holisticlover

“After attending Gareth’s seminar for Text to Sex, my first few texts I sent to her to start the sexual texting process were straight from the seminar’s examples. I had to click the “send” button and just hide under a pillow since I’ve never talked to any girl like that. The response was positive! Did it again, positive again! WTF mate! (Lets just say I stopped hiding under a pillow after that)” – Sinc

“Listing the people who COULDN’T benefit from this class would be far shorter than listing those who COULD. It’s a very in-depth guide with an extremely low tuition price, taught by a total-package smooth-talker who has the experience to merge your game with the modern technologies we all use.” – The Jester

One of the oldest and most reputable companies in our industry, the ABCs Of Attraction has taught thousands of men to empower themselves with a mixture of social instruction and lifestyle eduction. Not only has the company been featured on national television stations like ABC and NBC, but they’ve also been hosted as expert speakers at major universities like Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

Do us a huge favor and take a look at this new and revolutionary product. We know you won’t be disappointed! http://bcwriter1.abcsofattr.hop.clickbank.net/

Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles


3 responses to “Text To Sex: Why Date When You Can Go Directly to Sex?

  1. Traditional dates are for losers,and it only brings traditional results:another date,meaning more spending from the guy.
    The only girl one should take out on traditional dates is his GF,wife or an HB he’s already f-closed.

  2. Suckmypussylips

    I wanna text about a date in sexting way

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