Update From an Out of Town Babe

Here’s one of the many reasons you should approach as many beautiful women as possible (the following is the beginning of an e-mail from a woman I met, who lives in another state):

Hello Mr. Bayne,
This is Christine, the talkative “dancer legged” girl from the Bethesda Metro 🙂  I’ve been meaning to write you since then, but life distracted me as it usually does, lol, i’m very much about living in and appreciated whatever moment and whatever people i am around 🙂
Anyway, i was reminded again because i have 2 trips to MD/DC/VA planned next month. (blah-blah-blah about why she’s driving down twice, and w/ whom, and the dates…)

Lets correspond more, if you like, and see if meeting up will fit into our schedules…perhaps if you’re free we can meet for lunch, or go for a walk at one of the tourist-y places if you aren’t sick of them by now.
Live The Dream Boys,
Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles

2 responses to “Update From an Out of Town Babe

  1. You should be banging her if yall do meet up again.

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