Always Approach Beautiful Women

Yesterday I’m out during “lunchtime” downtown, and a gorgeously stacked blonde, maybe 5’8″ struts the drag in a white patterned dress that REALLY hugged her generous curves. Heels, confident, nice pace to her stride. Guys are looking, some even gawking (especially one dude in a truck), but no action. I approach, in case she goes into a building or something. Or out of my life.
“Are you the most beautiful woman in D.C.?”
Major pause and blush. She came to a full stop.
“Aw, thank you.”
“I wasn’t kidding. I introduce myself, and hand her my card.
Later yesterday, but not much, she e-mails me:
Hi Lee –

Thank you for the compliments earlier. If only I could wear this dress everyday!


I e-mail her back “I thank you…”, and make a comment about favorite clothes.

This morning I wake up to the e-mail:

“What are you thanking me for? You paid the compliment. Let’s grab lunch sometime.”

So guys, you should always, if the situation allows, greet and introduce yourself to beautiful women, even in situations where others cower. It demonstrates stones, you meet great people, and they reciprocate.

Live The Dream,

Lee Coles


3 responses to “Always Approach Beautiful Women

  1. Exactly what I think. It’s the day to day moments that learning to be great with women really changes your life. And it constantly amazes me when I hear girls saying to me that they don’t get approached like this very often…

  2. I love that story and I always remind myself to go for it when it comes to women…just go for it!

  3. You’re right about that. For every stuck up bitch ( and they’re a few) you’ll get one who’s cool who just happens to be gorgeous (and get’s hit on all the time). Even very attractive women want compliments from time to time..

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