Stay Original, And Always Be Closing

I was in CVS near the crib last night. I asked the (gorgeous Indian-Jamaican)sales clerk if she needed to scan my CVS card for my purchase.
She: “Card or phone #.” Me: “Love to give you my phone #, but I don’t know you that well yet.” She giggled, blushed, and laughed again. My exit was, “Next time, that other thing (and I said her name).”
More giggles.
Actually, I didn’t ask for the digits the next time I made a purchase there, but because I had a very witty rejoinder to something she said, and it evoked a laugh, I have a ready made reason for giving her my number when I do.
Live The Dream, Smooth Nation.

2 responses to “Stay Original, And Always Be Closing

  1. I like what you did with this chic.

    If I know I’m bound to seeing a girl again(like an HB who works @ a certain store that I’m gonna go to again):I won’t rush for a # close.

    I’d chat her up few times before going for the #.

  2. Good one ! Imma have to use that line ~

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