Street Harassment Is Not Pickup, Nor is it PullJoy

A video gone viral is Hollaback!’s expose of the street harassment and catcalls a young NYC model experienced during 10 hours walking the Gotham streets. The young lady endured more than 100 catcalls and unsolicited remarks, about one every six minutes:

SmoothNation, this is not how we roll. We do not speak to women from behind them, which is creepy. We do not follow strangers, we converse when mutual attraction has been demonstrated. We don’t blurt out “Sex-y!!!” or “Hey baby!”, verbally cite body parts, or berate women for not smiling. Pickup is private, well timed, and respectful. If that vid didn’t skeeze you out enough, or give you a feel of what the women you approach, hear 24-7, he’s an instructive primer from ‘The Daily Show”‘s Jessica Williams:

Let’s maintain proper social distance, volume, and language, and keep it clean. There’s a vast difference between catcalls and smooth, PullJoy pickup. A**clowns give all of us a bad name.

Lee “ST” Coles

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