PullJoy© is all about helping you become more comfortable with the opposite sex, written by one who learned from books, film, friends, trial and error, and that sexy focus group- pretty women.  Before devoting myself to assisting you, my relationship columns appeared in magazines such as being Single, Essence, and Today’s Black Woman.  I have also been a guest on I’ll be San Diego dating expert Deanna Lorraine’s http://www.datingcoachshow.com on KCEO 1000 AM.

With pickup and attraction/seduction, the information is out there, but no one has ever shown you where to go and get it. Sure, there’s a thriving PUA and seduction community, but some times things can become so technical, a cat would have to think to be able to employ them in the field. I don’t want you to think- PullJoy shows you how to internalize confidence- so everything you do (including your encounters with hot babes) stems from that. I also teach you physiological, mental, and emotional truths about women, and how I learned and perfected my art. I also host expert guest bloggers such as style consultant Brian D. Joyner from www.bebetterguys.com/, and author Jennifer Kelton (Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel) of www.badonlinedates.com/.

I have game, and want you to have it too. After all, life is no dress rehearsal. Please contact me at smooth.talker@live.com, if you would like to receive my free monthly e-mail newsletter on attraction and seduction. Recently, my articles have been featured in or re-printed by Strictly Fab http://www.strictlyfab.com/2008/10/man-day-how-to-pick-up-the-pretty-ladies/



and  Seduction Techniques  http://seduction-techniques-blog.blogspot.com/ ,  as well as www.xtrememind.com/ , www.malima.com/br, and www.cabbies.com. I also write a weekly column on pickup each Wednesday at www.sexblogger.com, and beginning in June 2008, will guest blog at author and dating expert Jennifer Kelton’s Bad Online Dates- http://blog.badonlinedates.com (see example)


The website Pickup Evolution named PullJoy one of its revolving links:


You may contact me regarding private consultation, if you live in the metropolitan Washington area, or Greater Boston. Check out my latest guest column here:


Please direct media inquiries, or questions about being a guest blogger, or requests for me to guest blog to the aforementioned e-mail address.

Group seminars are being scheduled for a hotel TBA in the D.C. region for 2009.

Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles, AKA The Babe Whisperer

9 responses to “About

  1. Hey bro, I’m contacting you from the connecticut Lair. Me and some other lair leaders were concerned about links to Bristollair, when people are looking for lairs in their area. That website hasn’t been updated in years, if you check out the official list at fastseduction.com/lairpage.shtml you’ll see that it is the most up to date list and the one all the lairs use. Think about switching your links over, it would help us out when people try to find us.

  2. Heads up! How to Flirt is running on BBG. Great article.

  3. Lee,

    Tell your folks that Success with Women: It’s All in the Mind is up on BBG. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks B.


  5. Hi PullJoy,

    I sent you an email, I’m not sure you read them.

    Is there any sure way to get in touch with you ? I’d like to propose you a review or guest post on our eBook, or on the free flirting game we’ve created (google “fast flirting pickup game” to find it out.)

    If you’re interested and want ot know more feel free to contact me, I’ll get back to you by email.


    Dan Delard

    • I read ’em, and I’d be honored Dan. I’ll check it out, and look for your e-mail again, or respond to you offsite.


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