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Lee Coles

Stay Original, And Always Be Closing

I was in CVS near the crib last night. I asked the (gorgeous Indian-Jamaican)sales clerk if she needed to scan my CVS card for my purchase.
She: “Card or phone #.” Me: “Love to give you my phone #, but I don’t know you that well yet.” She giggled, blushed, and laughed again. My exit was, “Next time, that other thing (and I said her name).”
More giggles.
Actually, I didn’t ask for the digits the next time I made a purchase there, but because I had a very witty rejoinder to something she said, and it evoked a laugh, I have a ready made reason for giving her my number when I do.
Live The Dream, Smooth Nation.

Always Approach Beautiful Women

Yesterday I’m out during “lunchtime” downtown, and a gorgeously stacked blonde, maybe 5’8″ struts the drag in a white patterned dress that REALLY hugged her generous curves. Heels, confident, nice pace to her stride. Guys are looking, some even gawking (especially one dude in a truck), but no action. I approach, in case she goes into a building or something. Or out of my life.
“Are you the most beautiful woman in D.C.?”
Major pause and blush. She came to a full stop.
“Aw, thank you.”
“I wasn’t kidding. I introduce myself, and hand her my card.
Later yesterday, but not much, she e-mails me:
Hi Lee –

Thank you for the compliments earlier. If only I could wear this dress everyday!


I e-mail her back “I thank you…”, and make a comment about favorite clothes.

This morning I wake up to the e-mail:

“What are you thanking me for? You paid the compliment. Let’s grab lunch sometime.”

So guys, you should always, if the situation allows, greet and introduce yourself to beautiful women, even in situations where others cower. It demonstrates stones, you meet great people, and they reciprocate.

Live The Dream,

Lee Coles

Update From an Out of Town Babe

Here’s one of the many reasons you should approach as many beautiful women as possible (the following is the beginning of an e-mail from a woman I met, who lives in another state):

Hello Mr. Bayne,
This is Christine, the talkative “dancer legged” girl from the Bethesda Metro 🙂  I’ve been meaning to write you since then, but life distracted me as it usually does, lol, i’m very much about living in and appreciated whatever moment and whatever people i am around 🙂
Anyway, i was reminded again because i have 2 trips to MD/DC/VA planned next month. (blah-blah-blah about why she’s driving down twice, and w/ whom, and the dates…)

Lets correspond more, if you like, and see if meeting up will fit into our schedules…perhaps if you’re free we can meet for lunch, or go for a walk at one of the tourist-y places if you aren’t sick of them by now.
Live The Dream Boys,
Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles

Women Like Exciting, Interesting Men

Now that spring has sprung, I’m meeting more than my share of beautiful women. Last week alone, I was asked by a lovely young lady in a skirt and boots, how far a popular restaurant was, as she had been walking for some time.

“It’s in the next block,” I assured her, and introduced myself, and asked her name. This girl is a 10.

“We should have lunch her some time,” I invited her as we neared their door.

“I like that!” she smiled as she took my business card.

“The salmon’s good, and so is the veggie burger. Have fun!”

“Thanks,” she turned into the restaurant, a steak house that features nightly jazz.

On the same street, last Sunday, I spotted a tall blonde in jeans, walking slowly. Another 10, maybe 5’9″ if she were wearing flats, killer shape.

“How are you?” I asked. We exchanged names, tallest Megan I can recall meeting. She had taken her mom to lunch.

“Let’s have lunch down here some time. I live in the area. Where are you from?”

“I’m from here. I was raised in Montgomery County, and I work in Rockville.”

I made some small talk about the local restaurants, my day so far, and a recent trip to Nashville to hang with the fellas during the NCAA Tournament. She talked a little about what she does for a living, because it’s tax season.

On the subway the other day, I saw a girl wearing a short skirt for the type of weather we were having, but her thighs were so defined, they yelled “dancer”. That or athlete, they were very sexy, but almost V-shaped. After the train made a few stops, I sat in the seat in front of her.
“Are you a dancer? I asked.
“I have danced,” she smiled, but I don’t do it as often as I would like to.
“Are you asking if I’m a stripper,” she said, still smiling.
“No, not at all, I just noticed how defined you are, and generally either dancers or athletes have your kind of physique.”
“Wow, thanks. You can tell that under all these layers? Well, I guess I don’t have so many layers on today.”
We chatted, she was from Stamford, Connecticut, visiting friends. We discussed dance, babies, my recent trip to Nashville, and what we like to do when we hang out.
“I wish I had met you eariler in the week, I won two tickets on a radio show last night, to a jazz concert tonight.” That was true, even the part about wishing I’d known her when I won them.
“I love jazz,” she said. She was not only a knockout (porn star figure, perfect smile, probably about 25, ash blonde)- she was a very personable, positive young lady, who has not quite decided what to dedicate her life to. Like most women, she felt that the fact I’m a writer, is interesting. I invited her to grab something to eat if she could tear herself away from her friends while she’s in town. There was a time I would have been afraid to approach such a looker, cold.

All of these hot babes responded, not because of how I look, or what I earn, but because I’m exciting and lively, they can tell I’m a fun hang, and women like interesting people and stories. They enjoy a break from the norm, and their careers and studies. As one texted me right after a movie date to see “Hunger Games” last week, “You’re really cool.” In a separate e-mail, she also said I’m funny.

Be relaxed when you approach pretty girls. Invite them out, and do so as if it is routine. It will become so (the “You’re really cool” beauty texted and called me the night after we met).

Live the Dream,

Lee Coles

Text To Sex: Why Date When You Can Go Directly to Sex?

Why waste all that time and money dating, if sex with beautiful women is your ultimate goal. Hear what PUA J.T. Tran has to say on the matter:

Title: Why Go On a Date When You Can Go Straight to Sex??
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Hey guys,

I’ve got an amazing announcement for you!

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What you’ll learn:

*How to text

*How to talk on the phone

*How to set up and make a date

*How to skip the first date by turning her on so much she wants to hop in bed, IMMEDIATELY!

*Much, much more!

Here’s what some of the initial testers of the program had to say:

“Gareth’s class on texting and phone skills proved invaluable. My experience in texting was limited, so this was one of the most valuable sessions of boot camp for me. I highly recommend it!” – Holisticlover

“After attending Gareth’s seminar for Text to Sex, my first few texts I sent to her to start the sexual texting process were straight from the seminar’s examples. I had to click the “send” button and just hide under a pillow since I’ve never talked to any girl like that. The response was positive! Did it again, positive again! WTF mate! (Lets just say I stopped hiding under a pillow after that)” – Sinc

“Listing the people who COULDN’T benefit from this class would be far shorter than listing those who COULD. It’s a very in-depth guide with an extremely low tuition price, taught by a total-package smooth-talker who has the experience to merge your game with the modern technologies we all use.” – The Jester

One of the oldest and most reputable companies in our industry, the ABCs Of Attraction has taught thousands of men to empower themselves with a mixture of social instruction and lifestyle eduction. Not only has the company been featured on national television stations like ABC and NBC, but they’ve also been hosted as expert speakers at major universities like Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

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Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles

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What Not to Wear On Your First Date

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