Pickup FAQ

Here are the answers to some questions guys often ask:

 Must I be “good looking” to attract pretty women?

Not necessarily. Ever take a look at some of the dudes with fine babes on their arms? Some just possess confidence, or have a style that’s attractive. Call it charisma. Don’t get me wrong, looks can open a door, but men fall in love through their eyes, women through their ears.

What if I’m not exactly wealthy?

You don’t have to blow your paycheck on every date. If you’re strapped for cash, I recommend two strategies- date within your socioeconomic class, or date way above it. If you become smooth enough (and this blog will transform you- believe me), the latter won’t matter. Frankly, PullJoy is more about drawers than long term dating. Besides, I teach you that babes value “social capital” above material assets. Save your bank and build your mack.

I live with my folks, can I still pull top talent?

Sure, I did when I did. Besides, plenty of women have their own spot.

Is a wingman necessary, and if so, why?

Wingmen help for the obvious reason that they can watch someone while you’re not, and tell you who’s eyes were following you. While not a necessity (some guys prefer to work alone), they’re an aide to the less assertive- it’s about intel.

Do clothes make the man?

The first thing a babe checks out is your shoes- figuring if they’re worn out, you take less than spectacular care of yourself. You needn’t look like you just stepped out of a GQ spread, but a well-groomed, “doing-the-best-with-what-I-got” appearance spells cleaner hookup to women. Read men’s mags on the ideal attire for your body type, age, and height, and go with that on weekend nights. Many of us can’t control what we have to wear to work.

Do pickup lines work?

If she likes you, anything you say that doesn’t stamp “loser” all over you works. It’s more about how you say it than what you say. Relax your shoulders, smile when you greet her, and exude the assuredness of a stud who isn’t needy. Show her how entertaining it can be in your company, even briefly. And don’t linger- she knows she’s not the only woman on the planet. Remember, even a “10” is not approached by everyone- as some are afraid, others assume she’s spoken for. I mean really approached- not flirted just to impress the fellas. Often, just your chutzpah in stepping to her will be impressive.


3 responses to “Pickup FAQ

  1. If you haven’t already, I think that it’d be nice to hear more on the topic of wingmen… Sometimes I forget how benefitial it can get

  2. Good suggestion David. I’ll weigh in with a post concerning wings (note the post, “Seven Common Traits of a Pickup Artist”, the characteristic that a good PUA always helps his boys).

    Live The Dream,


  3. “If she likes you, anything you say that doesn’t stamp “loser” all over you works” – I like this a lot.

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