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Best Places to Meet Babes
Honing Your Approach
Accent Your Sexy: Use What You Got to Get What You Want
Peacocking: Is Your Attire Tired?
Loyal readers, welcome to the first edition of
PullJoy: The Seduction Newsletter ©. This publication will be a monthly release of recollections, tips, observations, and questions asked by visitors to the blog “PullJoy: Secrets of a Pickup Artist” ©. We all wish to be more successful with women, and I offer this service free of charge. I hope the issues covered help you streamline your game, as life is too short not to be enjoyed.
Your chances of capturing a pretty woman’s undivided attention in a bookstore, mall, airport, laundromat, grocery store, park, or transportation station are much better than in a nightclub. In a public place such as these, you’ve already got a reason to bounce- you’re only there for a defined period. There’s no competition with other macking guys as there would be in a club. The woman may not be made up and in heels, and thus may not feel at her best in terms of presentation- another advantage to you. It’s unlikely she’ll be with girlfriends at such a place, with the possible exception of a mall. For her, excuses are thin, unless she clearly doesn’t dig you, is preoccupied, or rude.
It’s not so much that no one hits on women in daytime and shopping environments- it’s that she didn’t go there to meet people (men), and you’re not hitting on her- you’re merely there for the same reason as she, and making a humorous comment to a stranger. The next section provides tips for approaching a beautiful woman under such a circumstance.
Always smile when you step to a babe, it relaxes them and averts the creep factor. It’s friendly, and women notice men’s smiles above nearly all else. Approach them from the front whenever possible- women are somewhat suspicious of butt watchers (maneuver yourself to face her if need be). Be confident, as in a job interview when you already have a gig. Avoid discussion or work and school, talk about her dreams and favorite activities, and poke fun at your immediate surroundings. Be brief- never say six words when three will do.She’s not a prize or trophy and you’re not a hunter- she’s an unknown babe and you’re a great guy offering to share a part of your enjoyable life. 
If you’re indoors, seated, or the hour is late, initiate touch during a laugh when she has made a funny point- lightly touch her forearm. If she’s attentive and attracted, ask to bounce to a more private or quiet location, and when there, kiss close after sharing a deep thought, or during a private walk. If that opportunity doesn’t present itself, you have to jet, so get the digits and go. Cool, funny, confident, and brief, she either digs you or she doesn’t- and she knows right off.
Whether you have a cowboy’s body language, a great voice, dimples, or singular ambition, you can emphasize your most attractive trait to pull fine women. Play to your strenghth. If you’re tall, don’t slouch. If people often comment on your teeth, flash that winning smile. Maybe your dreams and desires are what set you apart, and your method of making them come true. Whatever the case, do what women have been doing since time immemorial, accent your sexy. The following section concentrates on the physical aspects of sexual attraction.
Much is said and written in the PUA/Seduction Lair communities about employing distinctive attire as a means of attraction. I like to think of it more as a means of standing out- being noticed. Everything PullJoy is about differentiation from the crowd. I separate you from the boys. One way to accomplish this is to wear a “uniform”- to take on a look that works for your age, stature, and grooming tendencies. This helps you maintain a persona- it keeps you from breaking character. It keeps you consistent in front of women who see you often, or in places you frequent. It individualizes you, which is sexy and confident. Scan the men’s mags for a style that’s apropos.
Artsy shirts, sexy hair, wearing a conversation piece in the form of a ring or medallion, or monotone gear (black works for most- nightclub black, not goth black) can say “I’m my own man”. Ditto vests and short sleeves, vintage gear, a mobster look, swing era duds, or a porkpie hat. Office wear is out of the question. You can sport all silk, or a playboy’s ascot, but you have to be different. Take some time to craft a look for yourself (salesgirls can help, they’re more liberal with colors than men, and have a female perspective), and incorporate it into your
lifestyle of living well by your standards.
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PullJoy: The Seduction Newsletter, VOL. I, Issue Two:

Volume One – Issue II TOPICS: Be The Man You Want to Be Make “Day Game” You’re A-Game Everything I Learned About Attracting Women Started With MeClothes Make The MackPullJoy’s Immersion Method————————

Subscribers, welcome to the second edition of PullJoy: The Seduction Newsletter. This publication is a monthly release of recollections, tips, observations, and questions asked by visitors to the blog “PullJoy: Secrets of a Pickup Artist”. We all wish to be more successful with women, and I offer this service free of charge. I hope the issues covered help you streamline your game, as life is too short not to be enjoyed.



Who is the guy whose success with women you envy? Was it a person in high school, a character in a movie, or a dude you hang with? Regardless of who it was/is, you should adopt some of the principles which make him what he is, incorporating them into your own true personality. Whether you feel it’s his manner, his conversation, his clothes, or his “don’t care” attitude. Study it as closely as possible, and add the best aspects to who you already are. Add some horsepower to your engine. Whether one is a singer, stockbroker, bartender, or jock, it’s best to have a model, or standard, to shoot for. When you become more comfortable around beautiful girls in general, you may let your best attributes take over where his confidence left off. Taking on a little bit of the cat who inspires you can get your foot in the door. My blog and newsletter address many specifics, but one has to have a map in order to take a long journey. There is nothing wrong with a little imitation while you get your act together. The next section details my early years as a player, under the influence of a mentor.


The best time to meet women is when they least expect it. When they’re in errand-running clothes, with their hair in a ponytail or under a cap, you’re approach seems more sincere because they don’t feel they look their best. You don’t have to appease any girlfriends, ward off rival dudes, or answer any questions about her bar tab. You’re also limited for time, which gives you an out to keep things brief. Never make it obvious you’ve watched a babe for a while, she could become wary or suspicious. If you spot her in a place with plenty seating, don’t crowd her by taking the seat parallel to her and ogling, instead wait for an opportunity when she has to get up and pay her bill, get off at her stop, or put her tray back. I often wait for shoppers outside a store- I never know how many things she’s gonna try on or look at while she’s in there. If circumstances place you in close quarters early on (train, airplane, diner), speak sooner than later- long stares signal either awkwardness or stalker vibe. If you’re not naturally funny or suave, start with an observational comment about the immediate situation (think Seinfeldesque humor, not belittling anyone, or “ha-ha-ha” funny). Then ask for her name in a very matter-of-fact tone that speaks more of politeness than “he’s about to ask for my number.” Make another general comment about life, expanding on the subject you began with (kind of like perpetuating a running joke only you and she share- a means of speed bonding), and keep it light. She’ll probably mirror you and try to make a witty analysis or two (a sort of approval method, “let me show him I’m in his league”). Time is short- there isn’t enough to discuss both of your jobs and academic backgrounds.  Lastly, have a “ah hah” moment when you decide she’s kind of cool to talk to, and tell her to give you her number so you can pick this up later. This approach will tell you where you stand, isn’t intrusive, and won’t remind her of all the guys who want to know her number without knowing her.

Day game is relaxed, fun and unplanned, free of the anxiety, peer pressure, and alcohol of the club scene. Enjoy it, and the women you meet this way.


It occurred to me today that the cat who taught me the most about pulling women, who helped me shed my approach anxiety, never discussed what women were like. He had been in my shoes, and when I was in my early twenties, he recounted his college shyness and high school awkwardness to me. What helped him (he’s eight years my senior), he said, was a fellow college student, a dental candidate, who told him to just jump in with both feet. My friend would always say, “She can’t not give you the number, because you don’t have it now- so the only thing that can happen is you get the number.” In other words, If I got shot down, what harm could it do- I didn’t know the girl before and I still won’t know her- zero gain, zero loss. But by not saying anything to her, I could never win.

It took quite some time for me to see rejection in so calculated a light- but I love beauty. I’d rather know where I stand than wonder. Most of the babes I met those first few trial-and-error years, though I clubbed two or three nights a week, were in malls, the street, libraries, campuses and churches- what the PUA community calls “day game”. We had no name for it- we’d put on something attractive, head downtown before lunchtime, or before the babes were leaving work, and approach the women we were attracted to. There was little science or overanalyzing involved, though often I watched a babe and waited until she left a women’s shoe or clothing store, or planned an approach that wouldn’t seem as I’d followed her. I’d merely introduce myself, ask her name, and ask for the digits. I didn’t pretend to have to leave, toss “negs” at girls, run neurolinguistic patterns, or use my buddy as much of a wing(man). Of course, back then I wasn’t necessarily trying to sex those girls that night, but I wouldn’t have turned them down if they did. Point is, without a lot of training about what women like, like to hear, and indicators of interest (IOI), my man threw me into the deep end of the pool and told me to swim back to the wall the best I could. The reason it worked is because he helped me change my attitude, rather than see those pretty women as worthy of better than me. I evolved, they didn’t. And since these daytime escapades didn’t take place in competition with other men, with loud music blaring, girlfriends about, and under anticipatory circumstances, we didn’t need fancy acronyms and expensive DVD’s. We had confidence in ourselves- the kind that only comes when you’ve acquired more than 100 phone numbers, and sexed a lot of them the first or second time you visited them or they you. Church babes, receptionists, nurses, businesswomen, grad students- it made no difference. Later on, I learned a lot more about women, their sexuality, and their individuality, but the biggest change took place internally.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. These words from an old ad speak volumes. If you wish to stand out with exceptional-looking women, you can’t rock the same polo shirt and Dockers every other guy in the bar has on. Too many guys dress for the fellas (comfort, camaraderie and cheap) and not the ladies. Women, on the other hand, read fashion mags and catalogues, and stop at the cosmetic counters of department stores to learn beauty tips. They realize that for the men of high social value, the competition is keen- and their clothing, hairstyle and shoes reflect that. 90% of you guys look as if you could give a damn (about separating yourself from the pack).

The frat boy look is neat, but it doesn’t say “bedroom”. Grunge is cool, but not in every setting. There are a lot of places you can’t get in at night with sportswear on. And a ballcap on backwards doesn’t catch anyone’s eye. Chances are if you’re reading this blog or subscribing to this newsletter, you don’t have $20 million. You’re not in the NFL. You’re probably not a CEO, even of a small firm (but if you are, congrats, and I hope you enjoy the information). Therefore you need to demonstrate social capital in manners non-verbal. Clothes are the easiest way. There’s no way around it- women, even those not consumed with fashion, or well-dressed themselves, notice threads. In a sea of plain, one can’t help but notice someone a cut above. You notice better-looking women, don’t you? Well, women aren’t blind- they know more about colors and fabric than anyone.

You need not look silly, and go overboard because of something you read on a PUA website about “peacocking”. To me, the term simply means not sporting office wear. Be different. Ooze sexy. Get her in the fantasy mood. Your PullJoy personality will do the rest- you don’t have to look like a clown or a fop- the aim is for cool.


Know how I learned to speak Spanish- a language I never studied in school? For a solid year, I listened only to Spanish language radio, and for the most part, watched Univision and Telemundo. I borrowed a couple of my little brother’s college Spanish books, plays, and novels he had brought home, but living the language speeded up the process. To learn to do anything exceptionally well, one must eat, sleep and breathe it. To take it seriously. To apply one’s self (which is why my blog, unlike most in the PUA community, has a Required Reading List). Those who excel at golf, chess, and investing study their field and new techniques all the time. It’s the same way with attracting and seducing pretty women.

Sure, you can read my blog and others, download the occasional course, and listen to a few guys on YouTube and improve your game, especially if you’re a beginner. You can just do that for kicks. But to master game, and take your confidence to its apex, you’re gonna have to read books about sexual response, women’s magazines, watch t.v. specials about the history of the sexes and sexuality, listen to women chat in public, observe activity in night clubs, and watch the smoothest guys in the movies. All the information adds to your understanding of the psyche. The hours I spent watching “The Love Connection”, “The Dating Game”, “Studs”, “The Fifth Wheel”, “Elimidate”, “Blind Date” and “Change of Heart” were for research, not entertainment. Some of the best advice I can give you is, when you see a book, t.v. show, show segment, website, magazine article, or movie trailer that you think might contain helpful information about male-female relationships, or how women think, add to your knowledge base.

See you next ish-

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Live The Dream,


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  1. Good advice,

    Good article. guys always overcomplicate and over think things, when…

    Going back to basics can be most effective

  2. Thanks TDG- appreciate your opinion.


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