What They’re Saying

 “I dig it! Simple and clear content… straight to the chase…The content resonates with me and just reaffirms all the lessons I’ve been going through…”

David Morales-Canaan, Seduction Lair Admininstrator, Venezuela, and Creator, www.NoNonsenseLife.com

“…astute and first-rate blog!”

Jennifer Kelton, Dating Expert, author of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel, and founder of the website www.dailydatingadvice.com

“…need tips on seduction, getting laid, kissing, how to meet beautiful women, etc? Check out PullJoy…”

Dexie, Fashionista, SheKnowsBest.com

“I enjoyed reading your seduction newsletter. TheMake Day Game Your A Game’ section encourages men to take the opportunity and talk to all the beautiful women when
they least expect it and ask for their phone number.”

Jerrold, Dating Coach and Pickup Consultant, www.secretsofapickupartist.com, New York City

Your blog rocks!

Jason of the CNN-featured blog NakedBoyNews http://www.nakedboynews.com/

“…pretty impressive stuff…”

Clark, Administrator, The Player Society, www.theplayersociety.com

 “Pulljoy is a great site! He covers everything from the sweet to the scatological in the pursuit of dating. And, it’s funny…His advice is straight-forward…worth a look…

Brian D. Joyner, Co-Founder of Be Better Guys: A Guy’s Guide to Getting a Life, http://www.bebetterguys.com/

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