PullJoy: PUA Requires Discipline

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

If you’re going to sex highly desired women, you must unlearn most of your current ways, and turn your view of hotties upside down. You can’t create a new you (which is really about unleashing the mack within) with old methods. Like physical training, this takes discipline. Once one realizes that women are not trophies, and that you, who are in love with life, are the prize, self-control becomes the order of the day. No buying of drinks, no gifts, no dinner dates, none of the things one would do if trying to become a boy-friend (which sometimes, based on her perception of you, devolves into platonic friendship despite your plans). Much as a weight trainer cannot eat any and everything, and needs a certain amount of rest, a pickup artist cannot do or say anything and expect to instantly bond. It defies human nature.

You will learn to check certain impulses, and operate in a manner contrary to how you have been conditioned. The result is women will view you quite differently than 98% of the men who step to them. And since pretty girls have greater options regarding with whom they sleep, difference is tantamount. What you’re selling is a unique experience.



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